School Gardens: Plant, Nurture, Thrive


School gardens help kids engage with healthy food.

Did you know that October is National Farm-to-School Month?  When we decided to do a post about school gardens, we didn’t know about the festivities. The inspiration came from back-to-school season and a discussion at our daughter’s school about starting a garden.  Figured that just a bit of internet research would bear some fruit.  Fruit indeed! – There are bushels upon bushels of information about school gardens on the web.

Hopefully, this post will give you:
  • A foundation of how school gardens can make a positive impact
  • A resource to help weed through all the information available
  • Inspiration to help start a garden at your local school

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Healthy, Nutritious Back to School Essentials

Summer is wrapping-up and we’re “embracing” the return of school and work schedules. Whether you’re already a healthy eater or looking for tips on how to establish healthy habits, we want to share a simple trick we love with you.

Our homemade pesto, hummus and nut butter help boost weekday meals.

Instead of starting from scratch for meals during the week, we like to pre-make a few essential spreads/dips/sauces in bulk.  Each basically involves adding ingredients into a food processor and you’re all set.  If you have these on-hand during the week, your meal preparation becomes so much easier.

A combo that we love to have on hand is pesto, mixed nut butter and hummus. These can all be used individually to finish delicious meals, but also can be combined to expand your pantry.

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4 Tips to Becoming a Farm to Table Pro

Evernote Camera Roll 20150804 212453What sounds like a fancy foodie term is in fact, a wonderfully simple way to eat. This “movement,” coined by media in 2006, is plainly an effort to eat food that was grown and sourced as close to your local community as possible.
The benefits of embracing a local foods lifestyle are numerous, with a few key ones being:
  • Better Nutrition – when your produce is grown a few miles away (vs. in another state), it is allowed to fully ripen and absorb more nutrients before being picked and brought to market
  • Environmentally Efficient – locally grown produce requires less fuel to be shipped/transported to your table.
  • Variety – by shopping in-season produce directly from local farmers, you ensure you’re feeding your body the nutritional variety it craves.
  • Less Expensive – when you buy farmer direct, you can save some green that doesn’t grow on trees. Even more so if you come to the market just before close, that’s the best time to negotiate a deal.

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Men’s Health Month: Indulge in the Great Outdoors

It’s Summer.  We just celebrated Father’s Day.  And, we’re celebrating Men’s Health Month.  What better reason(s) to get outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer?  Not only will you reap the health benefits of exercising outdoors, but these activities are just so much more fun when done as a group.  Now, that’s what we call a win, win. Continue reading

Healthy AND Delicious? Start with the Right Ingredients

Nelly’s Organics was founded on a singular purpose: create food that is good for you, yet tastes even better. Hence, the tag line “Real Ingredients. Pure Pleasure.”  Our Energy Truffle Bars are vegan, organic non-GMO, gluten free and all natural, but are designed to be loved by everybody, regardless of dietary preferences.  The most important element to start with is the nutritional value of an ingredient and then build a complementary recipe from that point.

Nutty Beginnings

For Nelly’s, it all started with our Nutty Nougat bar. Bet you can guess by looking at the bar which candy bar Nelly’s founder, Carla, emulated in her home kitchen…. The intention was to serve her kids a healthy treat, the inclination was to make it taste (and look) like candy so they would eat it. Organic dark chocolate, cacao butter, nuts, raw coconut, raw agave, raw vanilla beans and pink Himalayan salt – every ingredient chosen for its nutritional benefit. Each bar that followed was centered on ingredients that Carla wanted her family to eat:

  • Nutty Nougat – cacao butter, nuts and coconut
  • Coconut – rich coconut oil and shreds
  • Peanut Butter – nuts, brown rice and seeds
  • Double Chocolate – dates and cacao butter
  • Mint Chocolate – chlorella (a nutrient-dense freshwater green algae)
  • Goji Berry – nutritious berries with high levels of anti-oxidants

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